Down the Closet Hole and To The Founders
Down the Closet Hole and To The Founders humor stories
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Prompt :  Hogwarts had been hiding a huge secret from the students ever since it first opened up. only the headmasters and headmistresses know about these secrets. the founders are actually still alive and live somewhere inside the castle-like school. what happens when [ character ] stumbles upon one of them?​​​​​​​

Down the Closet Hole and To The Founders

Prompt: Hogwarts had been hiding a huge secret from the students ever since it first opened up. only the headmasters and headmistresses know about these secrets.

the founders are actually still alive and live somewhere inside the castle-like school. what happens when [ character ] stumbles upon one of them?​​​​​​​

"Fred! Geroge! Let me out of here!" 

The twins' eyes were all I could see through the small slit in the door. My furious bangs against the closet door drowned out by their laughter.

"You guys, c'mon, let me out of here already!" I snapped.

Their chortles resided for a moment as they studied me through the slit, their eyes still dancing with mischief. 

"George, did you hear something?" Fred turned to his brother, an innocent look filling up his face.

"No, dear brother, I don't believe I did. Have you finally gone mad?" 

As I growled at them through the door, Fred struggled to keep his snickers contained as he continued their mocking conversation. "No... I swear I heard a sound. Perhaps it was just a fly..." 

"Must've been, I don't see anyone else around!" 

"Fred, George, let me out  of this closet or I'm telling mother!" The twins both sucked in a sharp breath, their eyes as wide as plates.

"Zhara," Fred began, "you wouldn't..."

"Try me." 

"George, where'd that damn key go?" 

I smirked to myself as the pair scrambled to find the key. However, my smugness soon faded as the meaning of their words hit me.

"Why are you asking me? I thought you had it!"

"Why would I have it? You're the one who took it from Peeves!" 

"And then I gave it to you!" 

"What? I told you that I left it on the little table next to the door, remember? I had to go lure Zhara over here!" 

Suddenly, both of them stopped talking, their mouths both pulling back into bigs 'O's. 

"Fred, George.... where's the key?" My breathing picked up as I realized that I may be trapped in this closet longer than I'd anticipated.

Even from a young age, my claustrophobia had always been bad. "I said, where's the key?"

Both of them burst out into nervous chuckles, and I hit the door again with my hand. Hard. 

"Oh, heh, funny story, Zhara..." George paused as he glanced over at his brother, both gulping. I could almost see their little mental conversation. 

You tell her!

No, you!

What, why me?

Eventually, George continued. "You see.... we don't exactly have the key right now..." 

"You're both idiots!" I snapped. "When I get out of this closet, I'm going to pummel both of yo—"

I didn't get to finish my threat as both of my eggheaded brothers disappeared from as view as the floor broke from beneath me. All I could do was scream. 


"Is... is it dead?"

"It's not an it Salazar, it's a girl. I thought you were supposed to be clever!"

My body stiffened. Were those voices?

"And I thought you were supposed to be nice! Isn't that what your little yellow wearing worshippers aim to be? Nice?"

"Why you little sna—"

I heard a new voice now, this one sharper, more stern. 

"Shut up! Both of you!" 

The two previous voices both muttered, "Yes Rowena..." 

"Godric! Get your lazy butt off the couch and over here!"

"But, Rowena, football's on! For all the useless things they've done in this world, the Muggles actually created one decent thing, and I intend on enjoying it for as long as possible!

Wait, what are you doing? H-HEY! WHAT THE HELL ROWENA?! WHY'D THE SCREEN GO BLACK?!"

My eyes fluttered and I caught a quick glimpse of three figures dressed in green, blue, yellow and red. The red one was screaming at the blue one while the green and yellow one looked on.

The scene was so ridiculous that, no matter how hard I tried, I let out a little snort. They all stopped moving and I froze, slamming my eyes shut. I heard quiet murmurs and pattering footsteps.

Something sharp touched my leg.

"Don't poke it!" someone hissed.

My heart pounded, each beat sounding like a cannon fire in my ears. Should I open my eyes? My ears strained for any sign of a sound, but I heard nothing. Perhaps they'd left...

I counted to ten before opening my eyes. I immediately regretted it. Four pairs of eyes stared at me, all shocked. I shrieked and jerked away from them, slamming into a wall.

They all yelled and went running about.

The one in yellow dove behind a nearby sofa, yelling, "Don't hurt me, don't hurt me!" 

The figure dressed in blue, who I assumed was Rowena, was hitting the man dressed in green with a pillow. "I told you that you shouldn't have poked it! Now it's gonna eat us!"

The burly man wearing red robes had grabbed the whole T.V. screen and was in ready position, holding the screen like a sword. "You wanna fight? Come at me!"

Then there was me, shrieking against the wall. What had I gotten into? I searched my memories for what had happened.

I'd been running to my Potions class when Fred had suddenly insisted that I followed him, saying that it was an emergency.

I'd believed him and had been pushed into a broom closet, then locked in.

Then there'd been the twins' conversation where they realized that they hadn't brought the key to unlock me, and then the floor had given away.....

Now I heard, stuck in a room with four adults screaming like little children.

I stood up, and they all let out a chorus of shrieks at my movement. "W-Who are you people?! Is this a dream?"

They all paused once more, giving each other looks, before the big man, Godric, leapt forward.

He hobbled about in what I presumed was a strange little jig, chanting, "Oooooo this is all a dreaaaam! Oooo spooky wookyyyyy!

I am the dreeaaaam, uh, master—yes, that's it—you are not in dangerrrr! This is simplyyyy a dreeaaam!"

I gave him a weird look, as did the rest of his peers.

"Godric quit dancing. You're embarrassing the rest of us."


Rowena stalked towards me, studying me all the while, before crouching down. "Hello there, child. Who are you?"

"O-Oh, uh, I-I'm Zhara, Zhara Weasley," I stuttered out after a few moments. She gave an approving nod.

"Ah, a fine family, indeed."

"Might I ask who the rest of you all are?" I said quietly. I was relieved when she smiled at my question rather than glaring at me.

"I'm Rowena Ravenclaw. That big oaf over there is Godric Gryffindor, the lady in yellow is Helga Hufflepuff, and that greasy little weasel of a man sitting in the corner is Salazar Slytherin.

" She looked back at all of them, and they grinned back. She turned back to me.

"Zhara Weasley, although this was certainly a very, ahem, interesting first meeting, I hope you don't think too little of the founders of Hogwarts."

My mouth fell open. Had I really just found the founders of Hogwarts?

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