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Your Q & A answers! q&a stories

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These are the answers to YOUR questions! There were a lot for 3 days!

Your Q & A answers!

@boiiiiiii are u gay? have u ever snuck into a movie? have u ever stolen from like a store or something? are u addicted to commaful? answers: -no i'm straight but lgbtq+ supporter -no -no -heck yes

@otakupotato thank you for the gorgeous question Do u breathe? Answer: IDEK anymore, breathing is such a doozy, but right now I am not breathin-*dies*

@therealgregsta are u a vsco? how dirty are u? do u like men? is jason a. gay? Answers: -No vscos are ew u saw my anti-vsco story a while back -average -no -no he likes osa duh

@camdennekruse what is ur favorite school subject? what is ur favorite sport? what do you like to do after school? Answers: -Math bc I'm good at it and it's funnnn -I like basketballlllllll yes celtics fan -umm not much, usually just on my chromebook XD

@bingabonga sea pickle or starfish Answer: Yes

@0riginal_writer 1. Have you ever embarrassed your self badly...and how did you embarrass yourself? 2. what's your nationality 3. would you date me if I was pretty...lolz 4. Have you ever thought about how life would be as a girl? Answers: 1: Yes, in 4th grade when I was dumb I didn't know what the song Shape of You...(next page)

...Shape of you by Ed Sheeran meant so I suggested that our class sang it for the winter concert, and everyone laughed at me 2: My dad was born in Ethiopa, but me my mom and my brother were born in the US, and I am armenian. 3: IDK MAN *shrugs* 4: Yes I have thought about it. but u didn't say I had to say what i thought so HA!

@vscos_are_basic post the most recent photo on ur chromebook no matter what it is ok!

here ya go: I was saving peppa pig images lol

@bubblegum92 My question is why is this question so beautiful Answer: Because it's a comment on MY story. ._.

@mrmilkyway Did you ever expect to have this many followers? Answer: HECK NO! My original intent was the use this for talking to ppl and having fun, but I'm just lucky I got so many followers! pp

@sweet_bro 1. What do u think needs to be improved in the world 2. What makes u feel sad 3. What makes u feel happy 4. Who were the most supportive people you ever met? Answers 1: People are too mean to each other people need to be nicerrr 2: When I get BULLIED 3: When I go on Commaful

4: One of my friends @sincerelyme is one of the nicest and most supportive people I know!

@therealgregsta Do u hate school? Answer: duh

@bethanyyy post the weirdest pic in your gallery OK!!

Why do I have this- weirdest pic right there

oh and this

@musicalgeek y u bully me Answer: ME BULLY U? U BULLY ME!

@shyp0tat0 1.If you could be good in any subject what would it be? 2. if you could cure any disease what would it be? 3. if you could fix a world problem what would it be? 4. if you could go back in time to fix a mistake that you made, that you regret to this day, and wish you would've done differently, what would it be?

1: Science bc it's too hard for me rn i don't get it at all 2: CORONA VIRUS 3: Too many teens going suicidal it's a bad problem in this world 4: Telling one of my friends a secret, it ruined our friendship and the entire year for me.

@georgree46920jr What is like being short?Why you short doe and why are Ara and why is yeah a word like yeah man, or yeahh dawg Answers: -It's great being short you can joke about YOURSELF how cool is that -I short bc I have large pp -I'm ara bc Ara has large pp -Yeah is a word bc...IDEK man

@apostle7340 Are you a Christian? Do you love God? Do you believe in the Bible? Answers: Yes, Yes, and Yes.

@69boii Why are ur grades so bad? r u going to a different high school in 9th grade? Answers: -Kid I have A's and B's how is that bad -Possibly IDK but I like the school I'm in now so ahhhh

@imaginarywriter describe rosey in 7 words and 3 sentences OK! 7 words: Rosey's EPIC and a very talented writer! 3 sentences: Rosey, you are a great friend! Thank you for being there for me! You are still an extremely talented writer!!!!!

@gay_demon_cat if you could meet anyone from commaful in real life who would it be and why Answer: Well I would prefer not to meet anyone idk in real life because of Safety issues (and my mom wouldn't let me😂) but if I had to choose probably... @imaginarywriter or @shyp0tat0 (SORRY!!!!!!)

@lonely_stories What is your dream? Wow a big question! My dream is a happy life. I don't really want anything except for happiness.

Goodbye!!! Hope you enjoyed! Have a day! ~ak909

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