If Matt from wii sports met Lucia from wii sports (Part 3!)
If Matt from wii sports met Lucia from wii sports (Part 3!) matt stories

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A bet is made, enemies collide, and epic table tennis battle is fought.

If Matt from wii sports met Lucia from wii sports (Part 3!)

Don't read this until you read parts one and two!!

Matt: OH, I'm NOT talking money... Tyrone stands up from his chair. Tyrone: So what are we betting? Matt: I win, I get Lucia's heart. You win, you get Lucia's heart.

Tyrone: This whole thing just got interesting...DeAl! Tyrone and Matt elbow instead of shaking on it, to prevent MiiCorona Virus. Lucia and Alisha come back in. Lucia: Hey Tyrone, we need to talk...

Tyrone: NO! Not right now! We must play this game first! Me and matt! Lucia: Ok, geez... Matt and Tyrone walk to the Table Tennis table. "You serve first" Matt says. Tyrone smiles. He throws the ball in the air, then hits it as hard as he can.

The ball smacks off the table and hits Matt in the face. Tyrone: Ha! In your FACE! Literally! Matt: Grrr... Tyrone serves again, just as hard. Matt deflects it from hitting his face. The ball goes out, giving Tyrone another point.

The game goes similarly like this for a while. Eventually, Tyrone is up 5-0. Matt is extremely nervous, then he wonders "I wish I knew how to play this great like Lucia..." then he remembered what Lucia had said to him when they first met...

Flashbackkk Lucia: Oh, Table Tennis is easy! All you need to know is 3 key things! Matt: Yessss Lucia: Always keep your eye on the ball, fastball AS FAR AWAY from your opponent as possible, and CURVEBALLS!

It is Tyrone's turn to serve. Tyrone whips up a fast serve, but Matt calms thing down with a curveball. Tyrone: Wahhh? Tyrone tries to get it but he barely reaches it and hits it out of bounds.

5-1. Matt serves it to the right, and Tyrone moves over to that end of the table to hit it, and Matt hits it to the other end. 5-2.

Two minutes later... 5-4. Tyrone: Oh you are going down Matt! It is Tyrone's turn to serve. Tyrone served it to Matt, and matt used another curveball. But this time Tyrone was prepared.

Tyrone hit it really fast to the other side of the table. Matt couldn't get it in time. 6-4. Tyrone: YAY! I WIN! I KEEP LUCIA! HA! Lucia: Yea, about that... Tyrone: What >:(

Lucia: I have to break up with you... Tyrone: WhAt? nooo but i won the bet! Lucia: Bet...?? What? Tyrone: Me and matt bet for your heart and to be ur boyfriend over this match and I won!

Lucia: But...I want to be with Matt! Don't we all have freedom of speech? Tyrone: Yes, but a bet is a bet. Cmon, we're getting out of here. Tyrone violently grabs Lucia's hand and they walk out of the house.

Part 4 soon!

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