If Matt from Wii Sports met Lucia from Wii Sports (PART 2!)
If Matt from Wii Sports met Lucia from Wii Sports (PART 2!) wii sports stories

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The drama gets more intense, more characters are added! Btw the art on the cover is drawn by me.

If Matt from Wii Sports met Lucia from Wii Sports (PART 2!)

Matt: B-b-boyfriend? Lucia: Yeah...um...is there something wrong with that? Matt: Oh no, it's totally fine, um- Lucia: Should I make it less awkward bye inviting Tyrone's sister, Alisha?

Matt: Uh, sure Lucia pulls out her phone. She calls Alisha. "Hey...you wanna come over? Matt and Tyrone will be there, we can play some sports...uhuh....great! Bye! Talk to you later!" She hangs up. Matt: Is she coming? Lucia: Oh yeah she's coming-

Matt: Cool, cool Matt and Lucia walk over to her house. Matt looks around. Matt: Wow, you sure have a lot of Table Tennis trophies- Lucia: YEP! Yoshi taught me everything I know by the way.

The doorbell rings. Lucia walks over and opens the door. Alisha and Tyrone are both standing there. Tyrone: Hey honey *kisses lucia*. Matt: *Sighs* hello, Tyrone. Tyrone: *Sighs* hello, Matt.

Alisha: Guys don't be so mean to each other! You should be friends! Matt and Tyrone, at the same time: Nope. Lucia: Ok ok enough of that, what should the first game be? Tyrone: BASKETBALL! Matt: SWORDPLAY!

Alisha: Umm, Cycling I guess? It's the only sport I'm good at- Lucia: I'm glad you all agreed on Table Tennis! Tyrone: What?? But no one said that! Lucia: Well I have a Table Tennis table at my house but none of the other stuff so too bad.

Tyrone: Wow, your such a disappointment Lucia: yeah, I know- Matt: Don't listen to him! Your a great person! Alisha: Cmon lets just play. Where is the table? We can play doubles!

Lucia: Umm, I have to use the bathroom. You do too, right Alisha? Alisha: Um, no I don't- Lucia: Yes u do COME ON! Alisha: Um ok... They run into the bathroom.

Alisha: All right, what do u want to talk about? Lucia: You're my best friend, so I'm asking you. I'm not sure who to choose, Matt or Tyrone, I mean like, Tyrone is super hot, but he's not very nice, but Matt is kind and caring- Alisha: I mean if you like Matt as a person more, you should choose him-

Alisha: But I want you to marry Tyrone and we can be Step-Sisters, and yeah he can be a bit harsh sometimes, I would know Lucia: Yeah that would be cool- I'm not sure though if I want to marry someone like Tyrone...

Meanwhile back in the living room... Matt: Hey Tyrone, how about a little bet? Tyrone: Oh yeah? How much money? Matt: OH, I'm NOT talking money...

Part 3 soon!

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