I thought my Computer mouse was possessed!
I thought my Computer mouse was possessed! prank stories

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That one time the kid took it too far...

I thought my Computer mouse was possessed!

So I was in spanish class, and my mouse was moving uncontrollably and randomly clicking things!

Everytime I tried to show someone, it wouldn't happen!

I couldn't do any of my work because my work

It was driving me crazy because I also needed to chat on Commaful AND I couldn't get my work done! Also, I use my chromebook too much lol

My friend told me it was something that goes away after a while and tried to support me and stuff

So at the end of class, my friend took a wireless plug out of my computer and told me he was controlling it the whole time. I screamed his name so loudly everyone in the class looked at me!

And chased him around the classroom lol

Guess who got in trouble? ME

W H Y ? At least we should have both gotten in trouble he prevented me from doing my classwork!!!

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