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ak909 who needs friends when you have commaful
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About ME

For those of you who do not know me irl... I am Ara!

I am in 7th grade, 12 years old And a boy even though Ara sounds like a girl name

Most people irl don't like me and think I'm weird :( But if you wanna be my friend send me a message!

I love music and listen to basically every type of music it's all great

I play Piano and Clarinet (DONT CALL ME SQUIDWARD, only for school, I focus on piano more than clarinet)

And I'm very fidgety and can't focus well!

I'm really good at math and pretty good at English and Geography (I don't really like science) My favorite color is orange and my favorite number is 14 as I was born on the 14th of May (The same as Rob Gronkowski!!!)

I have a twin brother named Gregory (He is annoying LOL)

I like to play basketball in my yard and I love the Celtics (I hate the Lakers lol)

And I use my chromebook WAYY too much LOL

So have a nice day, I guess... :)

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