I am Rebecca Pt. 3 (Last Part)
  I am Rebecca Pt. 3 (Last Part) thriller stories

ajwadyasar Aren't you curious?
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Last part of the short mystery horror story "I am Rebecca".

I am Rebecca Pt. 3 (Last Part)

27th July, 1993 New Orleans, Louisiana Many people move to New Orleans to start a new life, forgetting the past. A city which is enriched with music and festivals. The standard of living is also quite good here. All in all it felt good to come here to Bob.

Bob has just returned home from work. The telephone is ringing for a while. "Can't you answer the phone?" said his wife, Marina, who was walking with the newborn in her arms. He went to pick up the phone with a look of annoyance.



"Hello! Who's calling?"

"Dad.. I am Rebecca."

Bob felt a sharp pain in his chest. The same voice, the same word. That's exactly how she called him dad one night, before saying, "Please don't kill me!"

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