I am Rebecca Pt. 2
              I am Rebecca Pt. 2 thriller stories

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A community worker found a blue hat in the water while cleaning the lake..

I am Rebecca Pt. 2

14th January, 1989 Any Saturday in January is special for the residents of this city. In the morning, the housekeepers glance at the newspaper as they sip hot coffee. The smell of delicious food wafts from the kitchen.

But today all the exceptions happened. About half of the city's population have gathered in one place. Today everyone is curious about the small lake next to Bob and Lily's house.

A community worker found a blue hat in the water while cleaning the lake in the morning. After Bob confirmed it was Rebecca's, police immediately came with divers. Soon the news was spread.

Bob and Lily's relatives are standing next to the police. Bob spoke to the police for a while. The sheriff has not said anything openly yet. But his look says, "Be prepared for anything." Which is undoubtedly a nightmare for the family.

17th January, 1989 Bob is crying loudly. Everyone around him is in tears, more or less crying, but the sound of him crying is strange and has a lot of pain in it. No one has ever seen Bob cry like this. Not even Lily. She still couldn't see today.

Bob is looking at his wife's lifeless body lying on the bed, holding one of her cold hands and crying. How in a short amount of time, two living people lost their existence!

The drizzle outside seems to make every person in the room more sad, thinking about this exaggerated and uncertain world.

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