"2020" The First Part
        "2020" The First Part psychological stories

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It's the first part of a horror story that will give you creep & make you think at the same time.

"2020" The First Part

I observed the door for a while. I don't need a key to open this lock. I noticed one more thing by looking around. They usually don't use blue lights in such places. But here is the exception.

Little by little the blue light is clearing the environment. I used the key to complete the work peacefully. The inside is as expected, cold. The temperature might be 2 degrees Celsius.

Naturally the oldest part of the building. There are four bodies in total. The size of the body on the left side to enter is medium. I saw the label hanging on it's toes.

No, I didn't come for it. After seeing the two on the side, now there is no doubt that I have come for the body of the corner.

A dozen echoes of my own feet came to my ears which had never sounded so bizarre. The light in this corner of the room is quite mild and there are black spots on the wall.

I looked at the label for the last time to be sure. 2020! 2020 is written there. The body is that of a girl, committed suicide last night.

The call was cut off for the seventh time. I have been standing in the dark alley for 30 minutes. It was known that there is a special awareness about time among the British.

Needless to say, the idea was not entirely correct. After a while an unusual sound came to my ears. The sound of the car. However, is quite familiar to me. Police and ambulance's.

Unable to find a way, I turned the car around. I'm feeling more annoyed than angry. Who likes to bring home anonymous bodies frequently! I put the body wrapped in white cloth on the floor.

Let's see how to free up space in the refrigerator. I don't know why I kept the beef. For steak? Now it will be thrown away. I'm not leaving the guy without charging double.

I came back and saw the girl's face for the first time after removing the white cloth. She's young , not to be more than 22.

The hair on her head is brown, up to the shoulders, the skin color is pale but the skin is like wax. I don't know why, I think she doesn't fit without clothes.

Melina left the night gown in the bedroom.

Should I put it on her? Will Melina mind? My bad why would someone care about clothes, who sells herself every night! I put the gown on her without thinking of anything else.

Picked her up from the floor and sat her on the sofa. Her eyes are closed, as if in a deep sleep. The purple gown matched the girl's skin color.

One thing I can say for sure that is any young man would force himself to be necrophiliac if he were in my place. But now I'm having a desire to ask a question. I sat facing her on the sofa.

Unknowingly, three vague words broke the silence, "What's your name?" Despite the reluctance, I waited for a few moments for an answer.

Thinking about the stupidity, a smile was about to appear on the corner of my lips, suddenly the girl's eyes opened. Her sharp vision is straight to my eyes.

The eyes of both of us are almost fixed. My eyes are flickering but there is no change in her eyes, rather her eyes are more alive than mine. I stood up with a smile. It ain't nothing new!

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