"2020" The Second Part
         "2020" The Second Part psychological stories

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Surprisingly, I can’t move any part of my..
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"2020" The Second Part

It's around 12 pm. Can't remember when I woke up. I'm sitting straight on the sofa. Surprisingly, I can't move any part of my body.

The girl sitting on the other sofa is slowly drawing something on the white paper. She's using a navy blue color pencil. She is moving it very gently on the paper.

At this moment, I have no explanations for this incident. The girl looked at me. It's a general look, as I'm familiar to her. She rubbed her chin twice with her left shoulder.

This time I noticed the scar on the neck, a little black and purple. Unexpectedly she extended the paper towards me. Almost steady my heart rate suddenly increased.

I tried to get up with all my strength but I couldn't. My right hand automatically grabbed the extended paper. The whole paper is painted. Some places on the paper are dark and some are light.

But there's also some blank spaces, white. The spaces seem to indicate something like tree branches, leafless branches. If I've been truthful, it's definitely a wonderful work of art.

When I was about to utter a praiseful word, I discovered that the girl is sitting exactly the way I left her last night, with her eyes closed. I put my hand on my neck, I'm drenched in sweat.

The paper is still on my right hand but it is completely white.

The unexplained incident of the day that I thought was my own illusion is no longer an illusion. But I don't have the explanation yet. I just made a cup of coffee for myself.

"You need anything?" The question seems to have been ignored. She is slowly turning the pages of the book in her hand. "It's basically a biography on Asian farmers." She shook her head.

I tried to normalize the situation by saying many things for a couple of hours. Although I did not get any clear reply.

After finishing the coffee, I asked, "Do you like art?" She smiled a bit and shook her head again.

I noticed her from head to foot for five minutes and discovered that her fingertips and earlobes were painted a little blue. The forehead and the side of the neck are also greenish blue.

The work hand is quite amateur. I headed to the bedroom, "Good night then!" It's 3 o' clock in the morning.

Mr. Harvey called me this morning, I switched off the phone. In the last 24 hours, thousands of questions have arisen in my head.

Moreover, in this lonely life, what is the harm of having the company of a living corpse! Just finished my breakfast. The girl is mixing colors in a small bowl on the dining table.

From the last two days an uncomfortable smell was coming to my nose. Now it's calm but thick. I'm sitting in front of the fireplace with the newspaper on my hand.

The same news spread throughout the paper, " Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl for the first time!" This is one of the problems of local newspapers.

It's a cold day, the sky is also covered with clouds. I usually spend most of the time sleeping on such days. I came to the bedroom with an old magazine from the shelf.

Even while lying down, I'm thinking about the girl. After mixing colors, she is now sitting with a large calendar page and coloring the opposite side of that.

Will I get the answer to the question that's coming to my mind the most? How can someone survive after death?

Or she did not actually die! Or there is no such thing called death at all, what we do is bury the living people while they are asleep!

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