"2020" The Last Part
         "2020" The Last Part psychological stories

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The sound of the calling bell woke me up... It's the third and last part of the horror story "2020". Read the first two parts before you click this one!

"2020" The Last Part

The sound of the calling bell woke me up. What time is it? Night! Maybe around 10 pm. Who could it be? Mrs. Perry? But this month's rent has already been paid.

Is Harvey outside the door!? I opened the door with trembling hand. "Melina!"

"Why is your phone o... Haven't you been home for the last 10 days? Because I think you forgot to put the pork in the fridge before you left the house and it's still somewhere out there. "

"Hey, Melina, I'm not feeling well. I'll let you know...

"Oh god! Your head is burning! Have you taken medicine?"


"Shall I stay with you for a while?"

"Thanks! I will call you." I slammed the door. Even in this cold day, I'm sweating badly. My arms are still shaking terribly. It's fever for sure.

I don't think I have the energy to pour water into a glass. I entered the drawing room first. The large calendar page is in front of the door. It's green.

After blinking two or three times, now it's clear. Green leaves of green trees. Some of them are a little more green.

The girl must have a special attraction towards nature, mainly towards the trees. There she is, sitting on the sofa. A cold current flowed in my spine as I confronted her.

Her face is not recognizable. Her nose is almost black, slightly dropping from the area & her eyes seemed to come out of the hole. The whole body including the face is swollen.

There is a big blister on her neck. I'm not actually horrified. Rather, I am awakening a kind of sympathy for her. Considering her a young pregnant women may not be disgusting to anyone.

There is something like black liquid leaking from her eyes and ears. I wiped it with the handkerchief that was within reach. Who knows maybe it's some color she applied on herself.

I leaned on the sofa. In this feverish state, I can do nothing but wait for her to wake up.

"Weird & incomplete as always!"


"I think you should kill him."

"There's where I'm facing problems. Shall I write two more pages?"

"We will figure something out at night. Now you have to go. Your fans are waiting in front of the TV screen."

"As you say!" He straightened his tie and walked towards the door.



"We could have had a better start, couldn't we?"

The position of his eyebrows quickly became normal in front of her helpless gaze. He pressed his lips together and shook his head with a smile as if he himself is confused.

He turned the switch to minus 50 degrees and left the room.

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