Can't get anything done.
Can't get anything done. motivation stories

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The overwhelming feeling of needing to do something and coming up empty.

Can't get anything done.

Today feels like I can't get anything done. I know what needs to be done but I can't convince myself to get up and actually do it.

It's hard to put into words what this feels like but ill try my best. Its this urge in my brain saying you better do this or else you're week is going to be that much worse.

So I honestly try to do what I'm supposed to do but then I get this overwhelming exhausting feeling that soon turns to nausea.

So to prevent me from feeling that way I do something else around the house or even leave the house.

I run from my responsibility because of this creeping feeling and it honestly makes everything more difficult.

Then there are the days I am strong and push past that feeling and I feel on top of the world because I managed to get something accomplished and set myself up for the rest of the week to

be successful. I'd kill for that moment right now in all honesty. It's always interesting to me how all of this is caused by something as simple as a chemical imbalance.

The human brain is fascinating to me when I think about these things.

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