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Just me ranting about my ADHD


I find myself jittery and anxious with no explanation. So I try to do things around the house to try to feed this hunger. Though I always come up empty.

See this is one of the symptoms of ADHD no one talks about and I think it's one of the most important ones.

That feeling of boredom that itches and you just can't scratch it is one symptom of ADHD and it affects me more than anything.

I find myself pacing in my house bouncing from one task to the next because I feel the need to do something but I don't know what.

Which usually causes unfinished writing or me halfway cleaning something which drives my wife nuts. Then when I try everything I can think of I go through a depression state.

All because I couldn't satisfy that itch which is why I consider it the worst of all the other symptoms.

I find myself constantly filling my day with more than I can honestly handle just to avoid this feeling because it's just so horrible and takes a lot to climb out.

This symptom which may seem like not a big deal to some is honestly wearing me thin which is why I'm writing this.

I want people to know how much this can affect a person and the toll it takes on the mind and body.

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