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Cupids Opposite


There was once happiness on Earth. Everyone was treated and loved well. No know knew what it was like to hate something. No one knew pain. They knew love, they knew joy. They knew what they were taught by us, cupids.

That is until they came. They spread hatred, lies, harm, and so much more, they broke hearts, trust, love, all for games. We called them Match breakers, because that's what they did. They shot a midnight black arrow between those who loved, and turned it into hate and misery. Everything we did they undid, all of them.

I never experienced it until my eighteenth birthday. I knew of these monsters, but like any naïve person, I thought it was just a story. A myth, boy I was wrong.

I'm Holden, son of the kind of Cupids. The one who fell in love with Draven, the soon to be king of Match breakers.

Thank you so much for reading! And here is what they would look like as a normal person. 😁

Name Holden, son of the kind of Cupids. Age 17 Personal -Naïve -Adorable -Kind -Stubborn

Name Draven, the soon to be king of Match breakers. Age 19 Personal -Untrustworthy -Hot -"Rebel" -Kind hearted even though he hides it

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