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Prologue -
(Part two is out!)

Cupids Opposite

Part one

*DISCLAMIER* Please read the prologue to understand! Link in description!

"Great shot Holden!" Kendra says, as the arguing couple in front of us starts kissing. I smile sheepishly, my hand behind my neck. Bow and arrow resting under my arm. "Thanks, you're training is really helping!" I tell her. Kendra is my the queen's youngest sister, my aunt, my "teacher" I guess you could call her.

"I remember when you couldn't even hold a bow," she says, laughing as we walk back to the tree where the portal that connects us to the mortal world, from cupids hallow was. I take a seat at the trunk. "How do you feel about turning eighteen soon?" she asks, braiding her hair. "Pretty good, a bit nervous, I'm going to miss you all." I smile, sadly.

I look up at the sky, thinking about tomorrow, the day I become my own person. It's mandatory for all "royals" to go through certain steps before they officially earn their title. Tomorrow at dawn, I'll get my human form, no wings, no crown, no powers. No bow or arrows. I'll just be a normal guy,

For one full year, I'll have to live, and as a normal human guy. I've always looked forward to this point in time, when I'd be able to interact with people, be normal. All my life I've never been noticed, because no human eye can see, hear, or even touch us, that's how we keep hidden. But to fully understand the meaning of love, it's forced upon us to

live as the ones who we create love between. Maybe I'll be able to find love too. Even if it's for a year, maybe it'll feel a if it's a life time... "Is that okay!?" Kendra says, snapping me out of my daydream .

I give her a confused look, "Sorry what?" She sighs then laughs. "I asked if you were ready to go home now?" "Yeah for sure." I say, taking one last look at the city before getting up, and slowly step into the portal.

Also thank you guys, I went to sleep last night after posting a bit more, and woke up with the story already at ten, so I hope you guys enjoy! Prologue in the comments. What do you think is going to happen next!?

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