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mindset, captivity, freedom...


Hi! I'm Blue jay,

Here’s a few things about me;

• I’m pretty famous, I've got books written about me, and various articles in magazines and media platforms.

• I am not really blue,

• i could be territorial and aggressive (that's my protective instinct)

• I’m monogamous "It's a ride or die affair for me".

I met a friend with the intent of being a man, so he sat me down and asked "why would you want to give gravity so much power over you, and lose your beautiful wings to fit in?"

"Why would you want to live down there, when you could go anywhere you want?"

"Would you like to work under their dysfunctional system and forfeit our organization and coordination?"

They try to project their nature to us

By categorizing us according to our color, altitude, and size.

They choose to identify us specifically with names like mockingbird, hawk, eagle, robin, falcon, etc.

But we know better, we know that we are made uniquely to fulfill a God given purpose,

some of us are calm and graceful. you could see peace radiate as we move our wings,

some of us are strong and graceful portraying so much power and majesty

some of us are known for mimicking, some of us don't even fly.

To us a life not lived is a life spent in man's cages, spent so long with them that when finally freed, free to leave, free to live!

We feel so dependent on them, still feel trapped, we are addicted to their presence, their scent, their home...

We forget they are our captors, we may try to leave for a moment but we don't belong anywhere else.

The family we knew are now dead, and that seems like a better fate for us.

Coming out doesn't leave you the same, we fight a battle both mentally and physically, we get scared of flying too high cause the experience is strange to us, nor too low,

so we wouldn't get caught by another possible worse captor. The paradox is, we feel a bit secure in their cages, safe and away from all the trouble in the world "it's a high"

How I wish more birds would join us in the sky, leave your comfort zone, leave what you are used to, forge unto higher altitudes, fight with the wind and be victorious.

What we have is a blessing and a curse cause there are people who just want to shoot us down, and we can't rest, because there are more enemies on the ground

There are periods we have to molt, it’s the most painful experience ever, but without it we are surrounded and supported by dead and weak structures which need to be replaced.

If we don't accept the process we'd be dying.

Molting is a period where we replace our feathers and possibly wings, by shedding the old, it leaves us vulnerable, cold, flightless and weak ain't just 7 days for us,

but we keep our eyes focused on the beauty in our renewal. It’s a difficult process, but we trust our creator for protection.

The truth is there is nothing like the freedom we experience, and we express, we may not have a lot but we have our wings.

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