weddings vows for someone i've never met
weddings vows for someone i've never met stories

ajaddison tired, gay, and infinitely small
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prompt: write wedding vows for someone you've never met

weddings vows for someone i've never met

i love you. i don’t think there’s anything else i could say that’s truer than that.

but because there’s fifty people looking at us and expecting a little more, i’m going to elaborate.

when i met you, my first thought was how remarkable you were.

the way you got so excited about the stars, the way you fell in love with every stray cat you met. the way you are loudly and unapologetically yourself.

you are kind and clever and brave. you are extraordinary.

and i wish i could promise that i would never let you get hurt, and that you would always be happy, but i can’t.

so i promise to be there when the world is too much.

i promise to buy the soft tissues for when you cry. i promise to watch your favourite movie and read your favourite book, over and over again. i promise to catch the scary bugs and put them outside.

i promise to never put an empty milk carton back in the fridge. i promise to stand in the rain with you and play in the puddles. i promise to remember the way you like your tea.

i promise never to abandon you when things get tough.

i promise to love you, until the day we die.

(and even after that)

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