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ajaddison tired, gay, and infinitely small
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a sonnet i wrote at 3am when i was missing you.

i am entranced

My love is wild and dark as forest’s heart;

Her hands are laced with shadows woven black;

She watches from the shadows, yet takes no part.

She is the only thing I still do lack.

My love is sallow-bright as moonlight glow

With eyes of ice and skin like summer smoke.

Her voice keens in the eaves of starlit snow;

Hers is the face I saw when I awoke.

My love is soft and gentle as the dusk,

Hair of river-water, heart of stone.

Though her touch turns living things to husk,

Much and more I’d give for her, my own.

I am entranced with her and what she’s shown,

Yet never shall we meet ‘til last light flown.

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