Broken Down
Broken Down regret stories

aj_griffiths Just a student writing poetry
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A poem about a broken car, and nothing else.

Broken Down

When I was younger.

My father used to own a Vauxhall,

Or a Ford, I forget.

It really never dawned on me as a kid,

How when I need to travel,

Or eat,

Or leave,

Or go to enjoy myself,

Eat out,


We took the car.

We took the car.

I took the car.

I left rubbish in the car,

Never remembered to take my bags out.

Never sat down to clean it.

I never had to think about how it ran.

I just knew what I wanted:

To do,

To go,

To see.

My schedule.

My time.

But not my own car.

Well the cars broken down,

That means I can't eat.

I'm far from home,

So i can't sleep.

And I can't do,

And I can't breath.

And I can't fucking get it to leave my thoughts.

When I'm alone on the side of a highway,

And not a single driver stops to help-

And some jackass has towed it away.

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