Sirens Blaze in Alril
Sirens Blaze in Alril horror stories

aj5 Hi i'm Aidan but my friends call me AJ
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Sirens Blaze in Alril

Made by: AJ Hall and Qeen Elizabeth

(Sirens blaze in the woods)Oh Jay~~ I knew you'd come back...Siren Head

I still here their voices in my dreams saying it wasn't my fault... but i know it was if only i just DIDN'T RUN maybe you would've been here with me but i just feel like i could've saved you...but it wasn't the same back then

i was just a boy...we used to play games in those woods not knowing what was in there. They said the sirens we heard were theirs and they were testing them so as children we just accepted it.

That reminds me of when we first met him that a**hole i remember we were playing tag a couple minutes later it started to get foggy so we started heading home little did we know we were being watched i still remember Jeanne start whining that we were lost Alicia told her we weren't but all of us knew we were.

That's when we heard the sirens it stunned us at first but then we remembered what they told us about the testing so we continued walking i told them i had to use the bathroom and they should wait here till i'm done so i went behind the bush. when i was done and walking back i heard a blood curtling scream of cource i stopped in my tracks as soon as i heard it i couldn't think i was just scared.

I ran toward them then i saw it... a monster that had a deflated human body with the head of two sirens it was a monster

It was standing in front of them Jeanne was on the ground frozen in fear it bent over and picked them up as they screamed for their life they yelled for me to help them but i couldn't. I ran as the monster ran in the other direction then i went to the police station but before i got in the door i felt regret they wouldn't believe me i thought to my self so i told them we were playing in the woods and then i lost them.

And 1 day later there was searches i went because i didn't want them to get suspicious. of of course we didn't find them so everyone figured they died i went to each funeral in disbelief.


(Sirens) Oh Jay~~~ I grab my Axe and head off into the woods. Then i see him (Sirens)There you are Jay What do you want now monster you took away my friends Siren head threw me against a tree i quickly got up and wacked his nee he fell low enouph so that i could knock one of the sirens off of his head then he knocked me out.

i slowly had waken up in a cave i saw him sitting he fixing himself he was taking what looked like to be molded meat on him were i had cut and...he had more sirens he was making a copy in fear i grabbed my desert eagle that i keep in my back pocket i aimed at his joints and shot i shot his legs off but the arms were still there he started crawling to me he got right up n my face and rawred.

I aimed my pistol...Take This You Son Of A Bi*** i shot his last siren off he fell on the ground and started shaking a couple seconds later i noticed he's still alive what the... i rolled right next to him so my head was at his heart level i aimed my gun see you in hell a**hole BANG!!!!

The End

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