Do not blame Love
Do not blame Love poems stories

aj14 I read. Therefore I Write.
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Who’s to blame when everything fails in a relationship?
(By the way, the pictures i used to my poems were snapped by me. Follow me on instagram @ajpapogilem 🙂

Do not blame Love

Do not blame the stars for not answering your wish, Do not blame the memories for keeping you awake till dawn.

Do not blame the butterflies in your stomach for giving you the wrong signal, your nerves that ceases to function everytime she smiles.

Do not blame the cupid angel because he missed the target. It was never his fault that the arrow pierced the wrong heart.

Do not blame your heart for loving the wrong person. The heart pumps blood in your body for you to survive. It has nothing to do with your emotions and decisions.

Do not blame LOVE for giving you heartache, Do not blame LOVE for the unending questions of what ifs and should haves.

Do not blame LOVE because she left you. Do not blame LOVE...

After all, LOVE is perfect but lovers aren’t.

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