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Where to find God

Mother > God ???

One day a conversation was going between god and a soul

God looking at the soul said, Son now the time has come for you to leave heaven.

But why, where will I have to go. Please forgive me for any mistakes of mine, screamed the puzzled soul.

God calmly said, listen son now you have to take birth as human on earth this is the law and all has to obey it.

Is there no other way murmured the soul in a mild voice

But where is earth and how is the place ? I am sure it's not going to be better than your place? Will I get to see you everyday there intriguingly asked the soul

God smiled and replied it's exactly like heaven because I am who, has created earth. Every atom on earth is filled with my essence. You could find me everywhere there.

Okay but you take care of me here, see all my necessities. I am completely dependent on you. Who will do all these for me on earth ? asked the soul with a grin.

The soul thought by asking such logical questions he would not have to depart god.

God understood the intention, took a deep breath and replied patiently, you do not have to worry at all.

There is a pure soul whom you will call mother. She will take better care of you than me.

Oh god I trust whatever you said but this is unbelievable. How can someone replace you. pondered the soul

Trust me son, she will look after you in the same spirit as I do.

You know what, the mother's lap is very soothing and her warmth would make you feel as if you are not far away from me.

Her heartbeat is the best lullaby for a child.

I would not be surprised if You forget me and tell that you would never want to return here after experiencing that, claimed the God.

Nothing among my creations is comparable to her unconditional love added the god

Oh really.

Then I would surely want to experience the feel stated the now anxious soul.

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