The Witch with the Hat: Chapter 3 - Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
The Witch with the Hat: Chapter 3 - Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen cooking stories

aislinrose The Witch with the Hat
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July 30th, 2018 I think I ‘m going to puke. Or have a full blown panic attack. Or both. Both sounds right. Oh my god, what am I going to do?

The Witch with the Hat: Chapter 3 - Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

July 30th, 2018

I think I ‘m going to puke. Or have a full blown panic attack. Or both. Both sounds right. Oh my god, what am I going to do?

Holy hell I’m screwed.

I’m screwed!! How did they not explain this better? How could they not clarify this way sooner? What the hell am I going to do if they don’t pick me??!?! I have nothing to go back to.

No job, no apartment, no boyfriend, NOTHING!! I will be a twenty four year old grown woman living on her mother’s couch! Not okay! What am I going to do? I’ll have to start all over.

Completely over. Back to a dishwasher or sous chef if I’m lucky. Oh my god I can’t even think about going through that again. I really am going to be sick.

Breathing is good…Breathing helps… My hands are shaking so badly right now it’s hard to write. But it’s the only way I can think of to calm down and figure this out.

So I get here, to Ilvermorney, and they heard us all in to the sorting room. Looking at those emblems on the floor gave me chills. I still have nightmares where I don’t get chosen by any house.

Sorting day was one of the most terrifying of my life. The amount of relief I experiences when not only the horned serpent but also the Pukwudgie signaled they wanted me was amazing.

I was only one of four that had more than one house claim them that year. I was only eleven and had barely any idea of what either house meant.

I chose Pukwudgie because the idea of being surrounded by people known for healing and kindness seemed safest. So that is what I went with.

They tell us to go up onto the balcony and wait for the headmaster. There are tons of us. I mean easily sixty of us if not more crowded up here.

Around the outer edge of the bottom floor I recognized most of my old teachers. Some were missing, but they were the ones that had been on the verge of retirement back when I graduated.

There were others too, that I didn’t recognize. I wondered who they were until I saw President Quahog standing and talking with them. I realized they must all be MACUSA members.

What was stumping me was why the heck this school needed to triple its faculty? And why was MACUSA here?

As logic and reason were telling me: it didn’t. And the reason there were so many of us is why I am flipping out.

According to Headmaster Fontaine (who kept us waiting for almost a full hour), there had been a change of plans when it came to the hiring of the new faculty.

Long story short, MACUSA is on board with the updates to Ilvermorny. But they are taking it a step further.

Ilvermorny is not only going to teach magic, but also the basic muggle skills taught in middle school and high school.

Apparently there is something like 30% of American witches and wizards working for non-wizarding companies.

Thanks to our old school system they are unqualified for most upper level positions, what with never taking an ACT, Sat, or having a high school diploma.

The new plan is that students will spend half the day in magical classes and the other in traditional academic courses. Current 6th and 7th year students are having these requirements waved.

They are too far along in the program to try and catch up.

They will be allowed to take the new classes that will be offered where muggle and magical skills are combined, but they will not have to take the strictly academic ones.

All the veteran teachers are still teaching the core magical classes for now,

but the school is designing career tracks that kids will start following in their third years based on aptitude and proficiency scores as well as interests.

This program is going to roll out next year apparently. The first two years at Ilvermorny are going to be spent getting everyone on the same level as far as knowledge and skills.

Kids who have never experienced the muggle world will hav eto take in-depth muggle studies courses. Muggle-borns have to take a bunch of history of magic courses.

They droned on and on about this and I honestly don’t remember everything they said about how this new track system was going to work.

What I do remember is what they said this means for us. We aren’t all being offered positions here. We are the ones who made the first cut of the interview process.

Apparently we are entering the “demonstrate mastery” portion that packet mentioned. I can’t believe I missed that part. When Fontaine said this, there were tons of people who got really mad.

It seems like most of the others are in similar situations as mine We gave up everything to come here and have nothing to go back to.

It wasn’t directly stated, but it seems the lack of information on this little tidbit is due to MACUSA’s involvement.

Based on the conversation it looks like Fontaine had picked about 15 new teachers to hire. But when MACUSA found out they wanted to take it to the academic level and really push the change.

So they needed more teachers than originally planned and they needed a way to see what muggle skills they could teach because the application hadn’t asked any of those kinds of questions

because that hadn’t been the intent.

Enter the three step interview process of which we have completed the first.

The outrage was so bad that President Quahog had to step up and promise to help anyone who ended up not getting a job get back on their feet.

If that meant getting them their old jobs back or finding them new ones, they would receive aid from MACUSA. I don’t feel a whole lot better with this.

I mean, this is the group that essential told muggle-born wizards that they weren’t allowed to be parts of their families anymore.

So now we are in the second stage of interviews. This week we will be interviewed, take an ACT, and have our previous muggle world experiences evaluated.

All new hires will have to teach a non-magical core class.

This week is about determining what year and subject we are a fit for and how well we will actually be able to prepare students for life and work in the non-magical world.

I wonder if they will accept the ACT score I got in my 6th year here. Mom made me take it because at the time, I had been serious about culinary school.

And you can’t go to college without an ACT or SAT score.

The next week is the other side of the coin.

We will be interviewed and have to do trial lessons to prove our magical skills, our ability to blend non-wizard skills with magical ones,

and to determine our value in “advancing the world of magic.” I mean what the hell? I feel like a show dog getting ready to go jump through all the rings and over the platforms.

This sounds like a Miss America pageant on steroids where I not only have to say that I “want world peace” but I have to provide a detailed outline as to how I will achieve and secure

this peace during my reign as princess for the next year.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m grumpy because I’m scared. Maybe I’m being negative because my little hope and happiness bubble just got splinched. I don’t know what to do, or what to think.

All I wanted was to teach kids a new kind of magic., teach them to cook great food that also helps people. I wanted to feed some people, make some people happy, and broaden some people’s minds.

I didn’t sign up for being on the front lines of a total magical education revolution. What if they hire me and I’m not good at teaching what they want me to teach.

What if they don’t hire me and they can’t help me get my life back? Can I really do this? Do I have any other choice at this point?

Man I wish I had taken even basic divination when I was here! It would be so helpful right now!

After all is said and done we will know if we have jobs by August 13th. We will spend the next two weeks interviewing, going through tests, and creating our lessons and supply lists.

Then we will have one week to get to know each other, relax, settle in to our apartments and just get ready. The timing is nice if I get hired.

I’ll be celebrating my new job and birthday that week.

Or the timing could be horrible if I don’t get hired because I will spend my 25th birthday sitting on mom’s couch thinking about how I have no job or apartment.

They aren’t even letting us in to the faculty apartments yet. We have to stay in the student dormitories until we are hired or cut loose. We get our suitcases and our pets.

Everything else has been put in storage somewhere. SO here I sit in a room with two other women I don’t know and who I am competing with for a job here.

You know… Now that I think about it, they never mentioned how many of us they were going to hire. Shit. I need to ask tomorrow.

We are supposed to be getting schedules outlining what we will be doing and when for the rest of the week during breakfast. I’m so tired, but I really don’t see sleep coming anytime soon.

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