The Witch with the Hat: Chapter 1 - Answering the Call
The Witch with the Hat: Chapter 1 - Answering the Call witchcraft stories

aislinrose The Witch with the Hat
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Aislin Rose is a soon-to-be new teacher at Ilvermorny trying to integrate new ideas into traditions that are hundreds of years old. Read about her journey through her journal entries and practice her recipes along with her class! (Yes the recipes are real, maybe not magical, but tasty all the same!) Discover Ilvermorny as it thrives in the present and modernizes to keep up with the times.

The Witch with the Hat: Chapter 1 - Answering the Call

July 16th, 2018

I got the job at Ilvermorney!! I got the call this morning on the way to the restaurant. I can't believe I am moving to the east coast in two weeks! I am so stunned this doesn't seem real.

Just like that everything in my life is turned on its head. I don't even know where to begin.

Two weeks seems like not even close to enough time, but at the same time I do not want to wait two weeks. I am so excited!

The information packet I got when I got the application said that if accepted I would get my own apartment in the faculty wing that I can decorate any way I like.

And if I got the job that means that I get to design my own curriculum. They want to see my brand of magic! Based on the course outline I sent they want the class I am offering.

Not only am I going to be a teacher at Ilvermorny, not only do I get out of this tiny little apartment that I am terrified to even hang pictures because of the holes in the wall,

but I get to design a new curriculum, live among witches and wizards again, and I get to live in a mansion in the mountains just a blink away from New York City and the ocean.

Headmaster Fontaine is really serious about this whole modernization thing. He means business.

The wizarding community finally understands that avoiding technology and basic advancements is pointless.

Their methods are so outdated I seriously expected to get an owl with a rejection letter in response to my application. But I got a phone call! It had a caller I.D.

name and number and everything.

I seriously thought Braeden was playing a joke on me and had somehow charmed his phone to come through as "Ilvermorny HR Department" but it wasn't! It was really them.

The info packet said they are overhauling the whole curriculum, the building, and the methods.

They are incorporating modern technology in the ways of phones, computers, internet, and (shock, gasp, awe) notebooks and mechanical pencils!!

The first time I saw "quills, parchment, and ink" on my school supplies list I seriously thought it had to mean something else. Learning to write with that thing was a nightmare.

I failed my first D.A.D.A. essay on Doxies and Doxicide because the teacher couldn't read it. When I explained the problem she let me rewrite it with regular paper and in pen and I go an A.

I mean seriously, in the time of 60gwpm typists, who still uses parchment and quill to write letters and owls to send them?

Rappaport's law was repealed around the same time as the muggle Civil Rights Act was established. It's time we really start integrating. It's ridiculous.

According to the packet, they had sent the same information out to every Ilvermorny Alumni.

They are searching for new teachers with fresh ideas to move the magical world into the future to keep up with the pace that the muggle world is advancing.

If they don't do something soon the muggle technology will expose everything and everyone. Something that no one really wants.

If interested in applying, a prospective teacher had to design three different non-traditional courses.

The courses had to blend muggle skills with magical ones or teach wizard born students muggles skills they didn't have or vice versa.

The classes could all be about different things, but also had to be on three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Each class should build on traditional content that is already being taught at Ilvermorny.

The real twist was that the classes also had to include muggle academic skills for the appropriate grade levels: math, science, history, and English.

The packet was also very clear that I would be expected to demonstrate mastery in whatever classes I proposed or my job offer would be removed immediately.

Coming up with three classes was crazy hard. Of course I knew instantly what I wanted to do for the advanced class. I haven't stopped working on recipes since I left school.

I have come up with enough magical recipes I could teach three different classes. So I immediately drafted my proposal for a whole new class of magic. I am calling it "Kitchen Witchery."

I think its super clever.

The other two didn't come as easily or as quickly. I have no desire to teach eleven or twelve-year-old kids. None.

I hated muggle middle school, and Ilvermorny was only made slightly better by learning to do magic. I don't think I had any real friends until I was at least 14 or 15.

And I was in Pukwudgie! The NICE house! So I bluffed.

I mean, what the hell am I supposed to come up with for muggle-borns with no magic at all? How can you create a class that combines muggle and wizard skills for kids that have not magic?

For my intermediate course I just took my Kitchen Witchery course and dumbed it down.

I split my recipes up and just started with building blocks - how to make a rue, how to do a good crust, how to put a sear on a steak with and without magic,

what kinds of broth with what kinds of herbs are good for different purposes. All good kitchen fundamentals. Once I had the idea that one came pretty easily.

I was even kind of happy with it when all was said and done.

My beginner's course took ages, like I almost missed the application deadline ages. I finally just decided to do a basic spell crafting course and a basic "what to do in what company" guide.

Honest spell crafting was never directly taught at Ilvermorny.

You just had to look at all the spells you had learned find the common information between similar types of incantations and wand movements and experiment until something worked... or exploded.

I think it is time to change that. With proper instruction there will be a lot less for MACUSA to clean up and a lot fewer muggles to obliviate. The "what to do in what company" is pretty basic.

I told them that I would teach the Heimlich maneuver and the spell Anapneo that does the same thing. It could also teach things like CPR and its magical partner "ennervate.

"You can't cast Anapneo in a room full of muggles just like wizards would probably arrest you for doing the Heimlich.

Basic first aid, magical or otherwise, is something that I know half the muggles in America don't know how to do. I don't know about wizards, but it wasn't really a class at Ilvermorny either.

If you were hurt you just went to the Matron in the hospital wing. I have no idea how wizarding parents learn or what they do in case of emergency.

I had to learn by talking to various friends and their parents through two way mirrors because wizard families didn't have phones.

My Advanced and Intermediate classes I really hope I get to teach. Yeah the beginning course is important and innovative, but I really don't want to teach that young of an age group.

I don't think I would do well with raging hormones. I don't have the patience for pettiness, I just don't.

Times are changing so fast our old outdated spells just don't cover all modern issues.

As the world progresses, kids need to know how to properly craft a spell so they don't accidentally blow themselves or anyone else up while trying to remove a virus from their laptops.

I can't tell you how many stoves had to be replaced when I started using magic in the kitchen at home.

Insurance companies only buy "faulty wiring" and "bad gas hook up" so many times before they start asking questions and delaying insurance checks.

I know my two lower level classes are good suggestions. But I am really hoping that they let me do the Advanced course. I am so proud of it.

I specified that it could only be taken by fast tracked 6th years and 7th years. It is my very own branch of magic.

It combines herbology, ancient runes, potions, astrology, and even a bit of arithmancy. This is all wrapped up in a gourmet cooking class.

I can't wait! My passion for cooking combined with my obsession for magic and a chance to pass the innovation on? What else could I ask for?

I had to put in my two week's at the restaurant though. That sucked. I worked so hard to work my way up into the kitchens and then off the line.

I've only been head pastry chef for a little over a year. It just seems like a lot of time and energy wasted. And that sucks.. a lot.

On top of that, what am I going to tell Steve?

I mean, to be honest I didn't really see that going anywhere anyway and I was probably going to break it off by the end of the summer regardless.

But just because I'm not into it doesn't mean I have to hurt him. He doesn't even know I applied for the job. I never told him.

We had only gone out a couple times at that point and I didn't think I was going to get it anyway. Crud... That conversation is going to suck too. Royally.

Mom is thrilled. Poor muggle woman birthed two magical children.

How did she survive the early years of me and Braeden coming into our powers and her having no clue what the hell was going on?

I think she hopes I will finally fall for someone if they are a wizard since I've had absolutely no connection with normals.

But honestly, once I get there I think that is going to be the last thing on my mind.

When I got the packet I told Braeden he needed to apply, he being one of the only known technophages on record. He wanted no part of it.

He's too wrapped up robbing muggles blind with his mechanic shop. In hind sight it's probably a good thing. I'm not sure he and I under the same roof is a good thing.

Even if that roof covers an ever expanding mansion. Still, he was happy for me. They both want me to get my new form of magic out there. It could be huge if I can get Ilvermorny on board.

Maybe I could even be a guest professor at Hogwarts some day?

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