Your Unfallen Boundary

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aisling_flower a panda a day, keeps sadness away..
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Poem on the prompt 'Boundaries'. Dedicated to someone close! Hope you guys like it....

Your Unfallen Boundary

You are amazing to be with. But its slowly fading The friendship that we wreath.

The cheers, the inner jokes And our whole hearted laughs. Now merely smokes In the air torn in half.

The boundaries that you create With high rising walls Are impossible to penetrate Even with friendship cannon balls.

I am flawed, so are you No one's perfect in this world. Cherish; these moments are few, Hoard them like emerald.

I won't leave you Nor will I tramp you. I'll just cross that boundary, Make a place in your heart And I promise no one would set us apart!

So you kick off the walls And dissolve the boundaries Then we will reign over all.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

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