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The Journey

By: Aishwary

by Aishwary

You can't Idealize every situation,

You can't generalize every equation,

The world is full of paradoxes.

The staunchest may deceive,

The prettiest may have the ugliest heart,

The most logical brain may deduce an absurd dilemma,

Anything could be possible!

For years I have been believing that emotions are power,

No, they aren't.

They can't be! They are the weakness.

The ability to control emotions is power,

And this is where we lie,

This is where we exist - in the midst of uncertainty,

Where everything is reasonably nonsense!

What you believe as most sensible turned out nonsense from a thin air.


Don't try to fathom out the sense in everything,

The one who puts you here would never want you to do so.

Yes, he saves you;

Believe me, he does!

But the courtesy must not be delusion by love.

You start by proclaiming that he loves you! What is the love, my dear? ? ?

Enjoy the journey because that's all you can do for now.

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