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An Ocean Deep is a comparison of man and ocean. No man could explore the entire ocean much like understanding one's soul, inside and out. Learning to accept and love the flaws or imperfections that make one another unique.

An Ocean Deep

Extraordinary it truly is; man and ocean. No man could possibly explore the true depth of the ocean.

No man could possibly know and understand all the angels and demons lurking far beneath the surface. Man could only travel so far before it becomes unbearable.

Many may absorb the beauty of the surface or even several feet below.

To accept the truth and mysteriousness hidden below the mesmerizing waves; to see further than the aesthetic pleasure provided by the captivating reefs; to absorb

the enchanting currents flowing gracefully all throughout; one must contain the purest form of love..

Obtain the wisdom of the blue whale; acquire the keenness of the great white; perceive the majesty of the orca; retain the humility of the sea turtle.. man disregards the deepest, darkest parts.

It is nothing but conspiracy and rumor.

When man loves what we know, and learns to appreciate what we don't, we will come to live by the ocean, being in the purest form of true love,

and welcoming the sincerity of the soul as an ocean deep.

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