Silence is golden
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airinieva Non-native language about native thought
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Small humorous story from childhoods

Silence is golden

When I was a kid my mother used to take me to my grandmother every summer. I loved these trips, although they were very exhausting. We always went by train and had to make two changes. For me it was the best time of the year. For mom - fussy packing, anxiety and a huge number of suitcases.

One day, before one of these trips, my mother asked me to tell the conductor that I was a year younger than my age in case he asked. I guess, the same way we didn’t have to pay for my ticket. There were always problems with buying tickets for such an inconvenient route, especially in summer.

I was a very responsible child and took my mother’s request seriously. Moreover, I treated it as an important task that filled my thoughts. I couldn’t think of anything else. And when the conductor came into our compartment to check the tickets, straight away I shouted loudly: “I’m five years old!” . Guide just smiled, and my mom blushed deeply.

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