You-man By Aircey Heart

By Aircey Heart
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"And I don't want the world to see me, cause I don't think they'd understand."
- Goo Goo Dolls

You-man By Aircey Heart

As the stereotype predicts, I'm a 13 year-old kid with glasses. Have weird hair. Awkward smile.

And I go to school. All alone. Have no friends.

People laugh at me when I'm standing.

They laugh at me when I fall down.

And I eat my lunch alone.

I'm a bookworm.

And I always know the answer.

I have a cat.

I'm everything you think I am. I'm nothing you think I am.

I have fear, jealousy, hatred. I have passion, affection and love.

I am flesh, bones and red just like you are.

I don't have any magical abilities.

I'm too simple to be called a superhero.

I'm too ordinary to save the world.

I'm too fragile to fight against the rocky evil.

I'm no superhero. Because I can't fly. Have no cape. Don't have laser eyes nor do I have a supercar. My wrists don't shoot spider webs. No joker is interested in my life.

I'm a boy who has legs that know how to explore the earth. Barefoot. Under water. Inch deep in snow. In the mud. On grassy fields. On brown, crispy, withered leaves.

I'm a boy who has hands that know how to give. Eyes that know how to "not look for flaws." Eyes that know how to cry.

I'm a boy who lets others win. Because in the end nothing really matters.

I'm you-man. I'm everyone you meet. Being everyone is my superpower. Say hello if you recognize me.

I live in you. I live in me.

Not the end

I die in you. I die in me.

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