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aira_gab If you can not beat them, then you join
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Its the way you make me feel everyday.......

My Love My Death

The way your eyes glitter in the dark,

the way your breath hitches

with my every thrust,

it makes me seem like we are one on one

you made a mistake and you know it

I am not a fool if to be noticed

Every time your nails graze my back,

sending shivers down my spine

I am thinking that I am falling in love with you

again and again an again

I do not understand your irresistible charm

I want to hear you scream, I want to hurt you

But I can not

Because I love you

No matter how much you torture me

No matter how many men you sleep with

By the end of the day you are

with me

You scream my name when I thrust

And we both come apart

It is like the feeling to float in paradise

but fall back in hell

It is the matter of eleven minutes only

Cause then it is gone.......

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