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For the world peace contest. Please give it a read. Let my work try to inspire a change in this world, even if it is a small one.


I believe that there's a place. A place where people no longer hate. You could be of any race, here all colors blend into one. Here there is no war, no need for peace treaties.

There are no weapons. Smiles fill the world. Love is spread. You could be black, white, brown, yellow, green, purple, and no one would care. Criticism hardly exists.

We lift each other up in this world. I don't want to wait around and try to find this place. I want to be able to build this place on this world.

I want to be able to know my children, their children and so on can live without the fear of politics, war and early death because of how they look.

But I can't do this on my own. The world needs to come together. Everyone needs to have the same vision. Everyone needs to want the same thing.

Equality not on paper, but in hearts. Laws not applicable in court, but in our minds. Fear not of jail, but of causing pain.

A black man is not a thug. A middle eastern man is not a terrorist. Not all Asians are smart. Indians can love tacos. We aren't restricted to our color and place of origin anymore.

The world is one. And I believe we can heal the scars we made if we come together to forgive and forget and start to love.

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