The Ghost In Blue.
The Ghost In Blue. war stories

aimforfire Poems, Expressions, Sunsets.
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Those who fought for us will forever be remembered in the hearts of those who loved them most, but sometimes a ghost does too.

The Ghost In Blue.

Fighting the wars where the little people get hurt.

Mothers and Daughters weeping, for their Husbands and Brothers, To return.

The carnage did something to me.

With blood and bricks at my feet, I watched the Ghost In blue.

Lead these fallen souls away into the tired darkness.

I followed.

The Ghost In Blue lead them home one by one, whispering into each ear, rest my son your time has come.

I laid with heavy eyes too great to overcome.

My eyes were so tired but had the courage to look up.

There it was.

The Ghost In Blue.

It rested its hand over mine reaching and whispering.

Rest your tired eyes, my broken son.

It's your turn to follow the tired darkness.

Sleep, sleep, sle...

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