Eyes Wide Awake.
Eyes Wide Awake. fall stories
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aimforfire Poems, Expressions, Sunsets.
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We're stuck here in between thoughts but one day or another the fall will come to an end.

Eyes Wide Awake.

Dream stepping in these plains, deciding whether to fall off the edge in total dismay. With the fall, I can see

past mistakes with Eyes Wide Awake. My past coherent with my future. I find myself stuck in between all that I am and what will become of me.

Negatives battling positives to the degree that makes imbalances. Too much of one collapsing in my mental calling me imperfectional as this fall.

Is of my soul wanting to be free from all these unbreakable thoughts.

Steps to forgiveness are the lights at the end of the tunnel but for me.

I'm falling further away from the sun as I'm here alone with a broken soul. Too much too little, there is no end to what I see now.

My only hope is that the tired waves of thoughts show me grace, for I don't know how long I can keep these. Eyes Wide Awake.

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