A Scent to Sweet.
A Scent to Sweet.  scent stories
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aimforfire Poems, Expressions, Sunsets.
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Sometimes, Angels couldn’t pray for you.

A Scent to Sweet.

The farther I fall the more these devilish Demons catch up to me. In the nights, full of fright and uncertainty I don’t know how long I can wait until they get to me.

They wait in the dark licking their lips to the scent of sweet terror.

I pray constantly. Asking heavens Angels above to cover over me. Somehow I know... I’m to far down the pit and a sinner nonetheless.

How can I be saved even when Gods grace looks to me so vile with no validity. Maybe I am damned for eternity and these demons are on my scent....

So I accept to be damned, but not to be hunted. Let them come and try try to take me. I dare you to follow my scent.

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