A Cup of Tea for the Devil.
A Cup of Tea for the Devil.  cup stories

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The Devil walked into a Tea shop and ordered something warm and sweet. I believe he wasn't just there for that.

A Cup of Tea for the Devil.

I saw the Devil with his deep red coat and bright black eyes sipping on a cup of tea in the dead of December.

He came and sat down in the tiny “red-room tea shop." He walked with a crude pride and a sinister smile. Glancing at me ever so patiently while I was working to serve tea.

His boots were whitened with snow but dirty as his soul knowingly he's as bad as they come. He tapped his fingers on the cold oak table humming a song so softly. He sat down waiting...

As soon as I glanced towards him our eyes locked into a dead stare. Somehow I knew I had to serve him. It pulled me in a way with his very inhabitance the shop became frozen and icy to the touch. It felt menacing. I asked myself who is this man?

So I walked with caution towards his presence with a coldness to my throat and asked "what would you like today sir..? " He replies. "Just a good man in need of a cup of tea, could you bring me something warm and sweet please”

I made him some of my best rose tea and served him as quickly as possible. Across the tiny room his voice persuasive and lively as he talked on the phone. Saying... “The deals are done I'll leave soon but first let me indulge in something precious and sweet.”

He finished his tea and asked me to take his cup. I went to towards him and looked at me and said hesitantly.

“I've been all around the world and seen many things, this I might say is the sweetest cup of tea I've ever had.”

He then got up with a sturdy ness and with a chip on his shoulder. Put on his deep red coat and I saw his eyes turn bright black. He left a tip and a note on the cold oak counter. It read...

“Lovely I might say, thank you for the delicious cup of tea. I'll see you on your final day and offer you a cup as you did for me.” -The Devil.

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