How To Kill Someone.

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A step-by-step procedure of how to kill someone without getting caught by the police.

How To Kill Someone.

by aimeefr

A step-by-step procedure, written by me, given to you.

Step 1.

Find your victim. Make sure there's an obvious trait/interest you can use to lure them in.

Step 2.

Introduce yourself. Make yourself presentable and kind, pretend to be knowledgeable on the trait/interest, make them like you.

Step 3.

Meet with them many times, if they don't trust you you won't be able to go through with the rest of the procedure.

Step 4.

Ask them on a date. This is a key step in the procedure as you need them to like you to lure them in.

Step 5.

Make them fall in love with you. Build up their trust, focus on that trait/interest from the beginning.

Step 6.

Leave with no explanation.

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