After Death Experiences
After Death Experiences shortstorybash17 stories

aimeefr Community member
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Heaven, hell or drugs?
My trip was over, but yours is just beginning.

After Death Experiences

by aimeefr

I felt as my burst of energy slowly faded, the hospital bed my sick body lay in slowly molded to the shape of death. My muscles began to relax and my vision faded, I knew this was it.

My hit was over, this was the end.

I jolted upwards, almost spilling water everywhere. I looked over at Q with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. "How was it?" Q says taking the bong from my trembling hands.

I frowned. "They all had soft shells and... they were black and white?" Q laughed hysterically. "I got the same experience."

Q loaded the bong up and took a hit. The pink in his eyes slowly drained out and bled onto his cheeks as his mouth widened and his stiff body gasped for air. I smiled and chuckled to myself.

Everyone knows you must take a life to gain a life. My trip was over, but yours is just beginning.

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