To Forget and Remember
To Forget and Remember 
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A short story, it was meant to To Forget and Remember.

To Forget and Remember

(John sitting in his Therapy session) Therapist- So John tell me why do you say you want to Forget and Remember, why is that so.

What were the issues that brought you to hate him and then forgive him, with all that has been done and has been said?

John- Well first I’ll say that my younger days were filled with unpleasantry disagreements and remembering feelings of complete loss in that time...

Therapist- why were their feelings of loss? John- Our mother, we lost her and so did our hearts.

Knowing now that it was inevitable to save her, cancer... it was too late, and for my brother and I was the same.

We were both too broken to fix the wholes of our hearts and so We were mad at the world, and the only world that we had was her. I had no other family besides him. We were alone.

The sadness turned to hate because we both felt that we failed her by not trying to save ourselves. But.

When at the last moment I thought our relationship was too broken to come back from. He asked me something. He said if you had to forget this pain we both have lost, would you? I sat for a second I said no. ...

I remember when we were happy when she was still here, all that we had was filled with joy and unforgettable memories. We cried that evening for hours... just sitting there remembering.

With that, he looked at me and said " I'm sorry" and from that point, I knew he would be the only best friend I could ever need.

and so we said to ourselves To Forget and Remember.


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