A Spitting Image.
A Spitting Image.  photograph stories

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A sweet image of the one you call your love.

A Spitting Image.

I remember the first time I saw her. Out in the streets drinking to a night summer vibe, so fine like a wish to a star flying across the sky. With a dark blue dress underneath the limelight, being herself with all that curiosity for me.

Goofy in humor but loveable that could even rebuke the Devil. With the light shining down on her like photographs taken by the sun. I said... "God. Help me not screw this up."

I walked up to her with a nervous chip on my shoulder and sweat pouring as a summer shower. I hit the mark by bringing myself to the show in front of her friends. Smooth-talking in conversation and mentioned

" You are the spitting image of an angel, and I love to get to know you." She chuckled with laughter, and so did her friends but looked with a smile so glowing and said. " I'll think about it. I promise oaky."

She had given me her number and a hopeful promise before I went to catch up with my buddies. I told them... "She had a look in her eyes, God. So beautiful. I pray I can get to know her because WoW!! She's the spitting image of an Angel."

We all walked that night together down the streets until the sun became a day. All I could think about was her, and after much time getting to know one another, we became Husband and Wife. This is to you, my Love. -Jane.

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