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The conversation

"It's raining"

"I bet it does"

Slight, noticeable drizzle coming down, painting a rather bleak window.

"Why clear?"


"The rain. The water. They're clear"

"I don't know sweetie. Never really thought about it"

"If it's clear up there, then why it's faint down here"

He chugs some more. "Now that one I know" He chugs even more. "Its us. We did it"

"Why? It looks ugly. Why not keep it clear?"

"You see, human. Its natural. We want something, we have it. And we don't give a shit how we do it"

"I don't understand"

"Of course you don't. No one really did. The earth is just a playground for the riches and bastards working for them"


"Yeah, we. Well some of them realize that they only got one home, so they fight against it. They never really see success but they do what they have to do"

"Are you one of them?"

"No, I wish I could. Got my foot trapped in the money pumping vein. Couldn't find a way out yet. I will though"



"Your mom called sweetie, let's go"

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