Shuhh.... listen to me.
Shuhh.... listen to me. love stories

aimanmrt Closer to fantasy than reality.
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Relationship is scary and you played me. Im about to be your horror movie.

Shuhh.... listen to me.

I'm sorry. I need you to stop before I burst. Its dangerous. I love that you're adventurous. But bear me, its torturous.

How long will you drag me through the sand? I love you but this is insane. You don't want me to be the same because if I do, it'll be worse than you imagine.

I'll be like Stan. Drive his car and crash it like a mad man. I'll make sure in the trunk there will be woman. Its you, still don't understand?

I hope I don't explode like you planned. Because then I'll grab a pen and make it bad in the end. You captured my heart but why you treated me like I'm your fan?

I'll show up with scalpel like a serial killer in a train. Pop my vein and watch it dance. Your plan is working man, congratulations!

I am a sucker for joy. What you give is a ploy. All you do is destroy. "Do you like that boy?"

So this is it. I'm crazier than Shady in every bit. Don't make me cross the line with me feet. I hope your next man enjoy your next skit.

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