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aimanmrtCloser to fantasy than reality.
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Its the Shadow. You cannot unsee him


For once in my life, I feel guarded. Safer than I thought it would be. On the high wall he sat, no one really knew how he actually started.

The city was lonely. No neighbour surrounding it. And it should be.

The last time I remember we did, the region collapsed and so does the cities. Except us. We also knew who to thank. It was him, really.

This place was a beauty and shielded with safety. We managed to put behind the catastrophe and moved on together. Only thing was, it left behind something fatal and bitter.

We lived in constant fear behind the barrier. Hoping it will never be breached because if it did, our fate was out of our reach. Then the walls were build. We cheered for our new monument to shelter us. Except it didn't.

The danger was growing strong, little did we knew. Concrete won't be an issue for them. The system was just too weak to depend on.

They swarmed the region. Leaving behind no refugee nor property. Everyone were panicking. Cities would perished faster than it should be.

"Somebody declare state emergency!" said one of the council. Everyone agreed but deep down they knew it was the end of our people.

Time was still running. Nearby ally was already collapsing. No one were left breathing. We prayed in our house. Hoping for a better ending.

And it did.

We called him Shadow. No one new who he was, where he came from or what he does. But we knew, he was there.

He appeared almost mystically on the edge of the wall. He monitored the jeopardy closing in. For us, he was a saviour.

Everybody were watching. Shortly after we went blind.

His body shined abruptly, hurting our eyesight. Ultimately, no one eyes were able to perceive light.

The saviour announced, "You shall not see, for you shall not die".

Even in the dark, we were still in awe.

The city remained intact for the cost of our sight. We went on to live in 'blackness' for the rest of our live. Shadow never talked again.

Even without our vision, Shadow make his present known. He took over the city from the council and had been protecting us ever since.

We continued to live in Shadow's protection. No one ever really knew how he defeated the danger. But we were still alive to this point. We may not witnessed his action, but we witnessed his power.

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