Reaching Out
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aimanmrt Closer to fantasy than reality.
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Perspective is everything, or is it?

Reaching Out

Its okay.... I'm fine. No, its not serious, I promise. We had some arguments.....back there. Yeah. Micheal just want to introduce himself. That's it. We're good.

My eyes? Oh, I slipped last night. Its pretty bad though. Just..... that. The scream? You must've heard from the screening room. Its just across the hallways. It must be playing some Kubriks's shits in there.

They don't make it sound proof and stuff. My legs are fine. I'm wearing a pretty tight jean, its not really comfortable. Why there? I guess locker room is quite a 'private space' for them.

Its no serious matter. I'm.... pretty used to it. I understand. You really want to help me but I can handle this. I'm not a kid. No, don't call him out. It will end up pretty bad, I assure you.

I got a class. Its nice to talk with you. I appreciate it.



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