Beauty Is An Understatement
Beauty Is An Understatement dream-2018 stories

aimanmrtCloser to fantasy than reality.
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Well, dreams are..... wonderful.

Beauty Is An Understatement

It was beautiful. Like really beautiful. The most stunning scenes your eyes can possibly enjoy.

But was it good, was it not?

Beauty wasn't everything. Its exhilarating, but its not everything.

At times, I wonder what was good and what was bad. Who got to decide them?

For once, I couldn't tell. My judgement was stagnant.

Once again, the illusion flashed, giving me more details. Still, I'm clueless.

I kinda knew it wasn't real but i couldn't really tell if its not. The puzzle was left unsolved. But time was limitless, its will not stop.

I rushed to gather all the details in my memory. What was the place? When was the time? Who was present? What was the event? The end was closing in.

Soft sound began to emerge behind my unconscious mind. The ambient was growing louder.

My body started to twitch. Early signal was sent. I began to sense reality.

Its fascinating. Its frustrating. I wondered how much I will miss if I lose this moment.

The sound waves of alarm clock raised my eyelids. My sight was stuck on the ceiling.

I was awake. I was unhappy. I can't understand it. I couldn't capture the beauty of my daily night illusion. It was pretty and nothing at the same time.

I grunted on myself. How could I miss such moment? How?

I shrugged my disappointment away. My brain was focused on going through the day. No time to wonder on such thing.

I headed down for my breakfast and had a nice, refreshing shower. The sun was rising happily from the horizon.

There's nothing much after that. I put on my jacket and then I grabbed the door key.

The coffee shop was the next stop. I stop by here every day to kick start my morning before I enter the office.

So far so good. I had a calm morning. Nothing surprising. I sat down on my usual spot.

I already moved on from my bizarre dream, not to let it affect my day.

In front of me.

The woman in front of me. She was looking at me, sharply. Her sight was dead set on me.

"What the hell?" I whispered to myself.

Her dress was neat and looked professional. Probably a corporate person or something. The starring continues.

It was very uncomfortable. So I turned away from her. She had another idea.

"Excuse me" her soft voice greeted me.

By the time I turned toward the voice, she already sat on the same table with me. She was gorgeous.

My eyes were somehow locked at her. My mouth was working abnormally.

"I.....I'm sorry? Y...Yes?" I stuttered.

"I'm really sorry if I'm disturbing you. You might think I'm crazy right now but I have a question for you" she replied without hesitation.

I was too bothered to answer.

"Okay, this is very funny. I don't think I should ask this. I had a weird night yesterday" she claimed. "I was having a dream last night"

A dream? Does this mean.... no. Certainly not. No way. Was she?

"I'm pretty sure I saw you last night" she smiled a bit. " It was like in, I don't know, Heaven?"

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE DID!!

"Oh my god! No way! You did? I had a dream too last night but I saw nothing. What did you saw?" I suddenly into burst excitement.

"Yeah, you were the devil. I saw an angel kicked you in the nut and threw you out of the door!"

Sadly, the puzzle was completed. No wonder it was beautiful.

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