Its a fanfic from killing stalking
Its a fanfic from killing stalking  long stories

ailedeisjesus I am a weeb and I write storys and Im bi
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It is a fanfic from killing stalking it was for a assigment i was doing for class so yea....

Its a fanfic from killing stalking

NO TITLE T-T T~T (I suck at titles )

"Sangwoo please n-!" Yoon say's while he gets thrown down the stairs falling on the hard wet concrete bum look up slowly while he sits up to see a man figure standing on top of the stairs.

"Sangwoo Please forgive me.

" Yoon says while he cries,

still looking at the man as he walks down the stairs slowly while hearing creaking from the wood and bum sees him wearing a blue apron with him holding two things: a big sharp fish hook on

his left is a big sharp knife.

"Which one do you bum prefer?

" the man with the blue apron approached "none!

"yoon yelled at him while he backed up hitting a wall, after yoon got a beating from 'sangwoo' he passed out from the loss of blood, once he woke up bum sees the pool of blood under him.

He tries to get up and feel a pain in his back from a scar reopening and new scars forming "owie!" bum whispered to himself bum hears footsteps from upstairs"s-sangwoo's c-coming.

" yoon thought to himself as he heard the footsteps coming closer to the wooden door hearing the door creak louder,

also hearing in the background 'strumming my pain with his fingers' as you see sangwoo on the top of the stairs you tremble from fear. "Ah nice to see that you're awake bum." "s-s-sangwoo.

" bum says with a raspy voice from lack of water, sangwoo walks down the old wooden stairs,

he gets off the stairs and walks to bum seeing him wearing a blue pink yellow and red striped shirt with a long black skirt almost to his ankles "come one yoon lets go.

" he says aggressively grabbing bum from his arm hurting him, dragging him up the stairs "now clean." he hands you a blue rag "y-yes sangwoo." yoon says scared so he starts cleaning.

After 2 hours of non stop cleaning sangwoo comes up from the basement "good your done i want you to go take a shower while i pick you're clothes bum.

" bum goes take a shower after he does bum comes out seeing sangwoo holding SHEIN black Tartan Cami Top & Split Hem Skirt Set bum looks at sangwoo and he sees that he's grinning.

Bum grabs the cami top and puts it on slowly while he tries to avoid sangwoo's stare. "hey bum." Sangwoo says while he smiles "yes sangwoo?" you say avoiding his stare "look at me.

" he says "y-yes sangwoo." you say while you turn your head slowly seeing his creepy smile turn into a serious face "you still look ugly.

" sangwoo said as he slapped bums face making you fall on the ground from the surprise hit "sangwoo." bum said as tears start forming in his eyes almost about to cry "stop crying yoon.

" he said before you can spill a tear on the ground. Yoon stopped himself from crying "good boy." sangwoo said he has he pets yoons head. "Now get dressed.

"Bum noods slowly to tell sangwoo that he understands sangwoo puts the skirt down on the sink and leaves the bathroom closing the door.

Yoon gets dressed and opens the bathroom door and exits the bathroom.

And looks both ways left to the kitchen and the right his escape root 'outside' 'should i if i do then sangwoo would kill me but i would be able to call for help and someone might be able

to call the police but the time the police get here i would be dead.

' Bum thought to himself "hey yoon can you come here~?" sangwoo said in a seductive voice, yoon goes to the kitchen and sees sangwoo cutting meat up and putting it in a pot "yea sangwoo?

" Bum asked as he saw Sangwoo put the butcher knife down before he turned around "oh nothing.

" he says smiling as he leans in and kisses Bum's soft lips "mh!

~" bum gets surprised from the kiss but finally gives in, sangwoo breaks the kiss for a breather then he gets close to yoons ear and says "remember you can never leave.

" "w-what?

" yoon says back surprised and steps back and runs to the front door as for sangwoo he just laughs at bum and walks slowly to him then bum gets the door open and runs out to see

a sidewalks and a street bum runs to the red gate in front of him and opens it and sangwoo runs after him and finally catches up with him,

he grabs bums wrist and pulls him closer to him and drags him to his gray-ish brick house and opens the red door and closes it.

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