Lost Hope and Love
Lost Hope and Love loss stories

aikra Beginner Writer
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A short story of a brave soul who survives a tragedy and fights through the loss alone.

Lost Hope and Love

As the cold air blew against my face,

As I was looking down below me from the mountain top, all I could see was my worst fear. Flames blew against the snow and wood, leaving nothing but ashes.

My house was abandoned, everyone dead except me. As tears ran down my cheek, I began to fall on my knees whimpering and crying alone in the cold.

My clothes became wet from the snow, but that didn’t bother me as I was distracted from my loss. I began trembling with fear as I began to look at the future.

I would be all alone, no one would care for me. In addition, I would be abandoned and left to die. I began to rise up from my feet as the fire calmed down.

While I was walking down the steep mountain trembling from the cold, I fell and landed on my face. Trying to pull myself up, I decided to continue forward.

With my hopes on that item, I started once again. As I approached my abandoned house lost in the snow and ashes, the item shined as a bright star in pitch darkness.

It shone in the snow, putting a smile on my face. As I picked it up and began to observe it, I noticed there was no damage done; as if nothing ever happened to it in the first place.

It remained the silver tone when I first received it from Mother on my birthday two years ago.

It was a necklace, containing a photograph inside, showing me and Mother smiling at Father before they both died; however, remembering the most important thing about the necklace,

I turned it over onto its backside. Tears, once again, ran down my cheek in memory of the words engraved on the necklace. “Don’t give up. I love you."

As I mouthed the words, I screamed into the sky wanting everything I lost back, my hope and love.

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