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I don't want to assume. Is it really for me?


I have a story a real one...

Another day, the same routine. I'm walking home from our OJT Training with my best friend and his boyfriend.

We stopped at an atm machine they said, they will check their money balance and will also accumulate money.

The line is long and so I sat in the corner beside the stairs going to the atm machine. I played games on my phone while waiting for them. While I was doing that, someone approached me.

A fitted pale-skinned boy probably a bit older from me(I'm 19) because he looks young, really I also thought he's still in college but I don't know.

He got a big bag and another pouch from another hand.

He's wearing a glass with earpiece removed from his ear that's how I saw him when I looked up from my phone when he asked me, "Are you next in line?"

I can't really look away from my game so I motioned my head in no while smiling at him and also said or maybe it was a whisper, "No, I'm not." and back to the game.

I saw in my peripheral view that he continues walking to the line.

I peeked at him from time to time and also wonder why would he ask me when I'm a bit far from their line or maybe he was just considerate anyways I saw my bff done with their transaction.

I saw him looked in the direction of her and her boyfriend. I stand up and wait for them to walk beside me. I told my bff, "I wish I have a pale skin like that man.

" I cupped my lips with my hand afraid he heard me said that even though he's still wearing his earphone. She replied to me, "We are the same though.

" I said, "Oh really?" His boyfriend agreed to her.

We are already a bit far from that place and we're waiting for the light to turn red to cross the road but I can still see the place from our position.

After I said that, I half bent my body and turned back to see him from afar as if I can see his skin from there but to my surprise, he'd also done the same thing and our eyes met?

we also looked away at the same time after a second.

Is he looking for me after finding out that I'm not on my seat earlier? So assuming. My eyes landed beside me, my bff. Hmm maybe he's checking out my bestfriend. I smiled sad inside.

Maybe he's disappointed I was the one who saw him so he looked away fast.

We crossed the road and I looked back but I can't see the place already as it was blocked by cars.

Will we ever meet again?

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