The Night It Happened
The Night It Happened pre-halloween-2021 stories

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There’s something different about Kailey and it’s up to Aero to find out before it’s too late.

The Night It Happened

As soon as Kailey moved in, I could tell something was different about her. The way she moved, how she went to bed so early.

I mean, come on, 7:30? She never let anyone into her room either, which was weird. I know she's family, but still.

I looked around the room to make sure that no one was watching me text this to Maisey, my best friend. Kailey was humming some weird song in the kitchen.

I turned around to watch her and immediately regretted it. She was standing over me with a- what was that? A hammer, I realized. She was standing over me with a hammer.

"Hi, Kailey, what are doing?" I asked. Another thing about Kailey, she didn't speak. Ever. She smiled and headed to her room. I could still hear her humming from the kitchen.

I stood up and quickly called Maisey. "Aero? What's going on?" I ducked around the corner.

"It's Kailey, I heard her humming in the kitchen, and when I turned around, she was standing over me with a hammer, and I can still hear her humming." I looked around then dining room.

On the walls hung pictures of me, Dad, and Claire. I missed Claire terribly. Her death still haunted me, even though it was five years ago. "Aero, I'm coming over. This doesn't seem normal, it never did.

I'll still stay on the phone is you want." I stopped walking and looked at a photo of me and Claire when we were younger. "Thanks, Maisey. I appreciate it.

" The photo looked like it was taken at the lake. I was going to walk away when something caught my eye. Someone in the reflection. Kailey. Holding the hammer.

I screamed, running for the front door. "Aero!" Maisey yelled. "I'm here!" She burst through the door, knocking me down. "Ack, sorry Aero." She helped me up.

Kailey was still running toward me, getting closer and closer as the seconds passed. She stopped just as she was about to run into me. "Aero." She said. I was shocked. "Y-you can talk?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Of course I can, Airhead." I took a step back. Only Claire called me that. "Claire?" Kailey grinned. "Finally, you remember me!" Maisey looked at me. 'What?' She mouthed.

"If you're really Claire, how do I know?"

"The lake, 2002, you and me and Dad, we made sandcastles and then watched the waves knock them down." I sank to the floor. "Claire?" I whispered. Then, Kailey slammed the hammer into me.

My phone fell out of my hands and I hit the door.."AERO!" Maisey screamed. Everything was fading. Fast. "That was so easy." Then, Kailey threw her head back and laughed.

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