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ahna I write about a girl
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If you could read my mind it would be all poetry...


If you could read my mind it would be all poetry. It would be all about her. You can't read minds so let me tell you about this girl.

Pay attention to how I become starry eyed when I say her name and the way my dimples glow like half moons when she made me smile.

She's made up entirely of brushstrokes and doesn't even know she's art. When she looks at you, it colors your world and you understand she's an artist too.

She's got warmth the sun knows nothing about. She's down to earth, but always has her head in the clouds.

When she falls from the sky she brings it with her too, like she was made from heaven.

She's got depth the ocean knows nothing about. She's got the mouth of a sailor and eyes that can bring any ship down.

She tastes like devastation and keeps her secrets tucked behind her ear.

She's the storm and the aftermath. She's the answer to everything.

She's eloquent and bloodthirsty for her dreams. She's a savage graceful thing.

She's got it all figured out but doesn't know it.

She's beautiful. She's everything. She is my whole heart.

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