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i saw you

Seeing You

Written on- 20/2/18 7:30am

I tossed and turned last night and saw you in my sleep.

My hand was hugged around your thigh,

I knew you were the one to keep.

It felt so real, so vivid and true.

My heart has always held onto you.

We were talking soft and slow, you couldn't keep your smile away.

Your honey like voice drained out the music playing at the little cafe.

All I heard was you, and my soul was at peace.

Our hands slowly touched intertwining as one,

this moment was euphoric I couldn't release.

I couldn't keep my eyes off you, you were my greatest view.

How could I let go when I always knew?

Waking up and feeling blue,

I fall asleep now in hopes of dreaming of you.

You take my breath away,

come back and stay.

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